Burial of Unclaimed Cremated Remains


Hamilton’s Mission is to serve our client families and one another, adapting to the desires of each person seeking our help.  Over the years we have been honored to help many families who have chosen cremation for their loved one.  Following the cremation, we often help to lay their loved one to rest in a cemetery, arrange for them to be scattered at their family farm, or pick out the perfect urn for the family to take their loved one home with them. But sometimes circumstances occur, and that does not happen.  As a result, we have had many urns in our safe keeping for several years, and are now moving forward to secure a final resting place for these urns.  Hamilton’s is holding a burial for these unclaimed cremated remains in September, 2019.  To view a list of names of those to be interred, please click here.

Hamilton's Funeral Home
Avon Cemetery

11:00 AM