Funeral PlanningArrangement Forms

In an effort to simplify the funeral process, we have provided a three-step system available through convenient online forms. These documents assist you with the essential items to consider when making arrangements, including important legal documents and records, life information for writing an obituary, and preferences regarding the disposition, any memorial gathering and the various funeral products.

Complete Form #1: Statistics

This form asks the historical and formal information regarding the person that has died. It is necessary to know when, where and how the death occurred in order to complete the proper death certificate. The government needs this information so an official document can be issued and filed with the Polk County Recorder and ultimately with the Iowa Bureau of Vital Records.

Complete Form #2: Life Information

This is where personal information is shared such as names of family and relatives, education details, occupation, military information if relevant, memberships, charities and other interesting lifetime facts. Once someone has died, this information is gathered and used to complete the obituary. By completing the Life Information section, you allow others to celebrate the deceased's life, accomplishments and the ones they loved.

Complete Form #3: Planning a Service

Here is where we collect details and preferences about the funeral service. This allows you to decide everyone involved and plan out the final celebration. If your decision is to have some type of memorial with burial, cremation or donation, you will need to decide the type and place of the ceremony and if it will be public or private. Ceremonies can be conducted at your church, the funeral home, the graveside, or many other public and private places.

Funeral Product Catalog
Funeral Product Catalog