What is Hamilton's Academy of Grief and Loss?

Death and grief are common human experiences, yet these experiences tend to be different for every individual. As a result, Hamilton's Academy of Grief & Loss offers a wide variety of resources available to you and your family as you begin to work through your grief.
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Academy of Grief and Loss
Academy Events

Academy Events

Hamilton's Academy of Grief and Loss offers a variety of services to educate, support and connect with those who are grieving.
Community Events

Community Events

Hamilton's Funeral Homes host a variety of events to serve and give back to our community.

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On Coming Alive

On Coming Alive Journaling Through Grief. 100 prompts to guide you from darkness to light. Written by Lexi Behrndt. If you're reading this journal, I'm sorry. I'm glad you picked it up, and I hope and pray that this serves as an aid in your healing process, but I'm sorry you even needed it in the first place. Softback

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