What is Hamilton's Academy of Grief and Loss?

Death and grief are common human experiences, yet these experiences tend to be different for every individual. As a result, Hamilton's Academy of Grief & Loss offers a wide variety of resources available to you and your family as you begin to work through your grief.
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Academy of Grief and Loss
Academy Events

Academy Events

Hamilton's Academy of Grief and Loss offers a variety of services to educate, support and connect with those who are grieving.
Community Events

Community Events

Hamilton's Funeral Homes host a variety of events to serve and give back to our community.
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Need Grief Support?

Hamilton's Grief Support

Hamilton's Academy of Grief and Loss offers free grief support and resources to children, adults, and the community at large. Our staff is also available to aid professionals through training and education as they work with those who are grieving.

Services & Obituaries

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Last NameFirst NameDeceased Date 
AikenRobert03/29/2015View Details
AndersonHarriet W.03/28/2015View Details
ClarkRita03/29/2015View Details
CulverMisty03/28/2015View Details
CunninghamTravis03/23/2015View Details
DeitrickRonald J.03/29/2015View Details
DejongJudith Carol03/23/2015View Details
DowellMargarete03/27/2015View Details
EstradaRobert Harlor03/28/2015View Details
FairchildBonnie03/24/2015View Details
GrayBuddy03/28/2015View Details
GrimJoyce03/28/2015View Details
HammondJames03/27/2015View Details
HeckathornThelma03/26/2015View Details
HigginsLeAnn03/21/2015View Details
HollingsworthDick03/26/2015View Details
Hood WaalkCleo Mae03/25/2015View Details
HornbacherSherry Lee03/22/2015View Details
HowardLorraine03/24/2015View Details
LancasterJerry03/29/2015View Details
LewistonEvie03/22/2015View Details
LloydRobert03/28/2015View Details
LopezRoberto Torres03/26/2015View Details
LoveBeverly Jane03/25/2015View Details
LundyRonella03/30/2015View Details
MableyShane "Sugar"03/26/2015View Details
MaddisonKenneth03/28/2015View Details
MattHarold03/21/2015View Details
McDonaldE. June03/21/2015View Details
McKinnyMary Jo03/21/2015View Details
McMahillRex03/23/2015View Details
MeansErma03/29/2015View Details
MeskaKhamphou03/22/2015View Details
MooreJeanne03/22/2015View Details
MooreJohn03/29/2015View Details
NelsonMr. Roland C.03/28/2015View Details
OvertonKeith Warren03/22/2015View Details
ProudfitGilbert03/27/2015View Details
Ramsey IIITheodore "Ted"03/26/2015View Details
RileyAlice03/26/2015View Details
RobertsDebbie03/29/2015View Details
SchmidtGeorge03/30/2015View Details
SexauerMyrtle03/23/2015View Details
SparksGordon03/29/2015View Details
StaleyCarl03/26/2015View Details
SweeneyJames L.03/30/2015View Details
TriggsJudith Ann (Niemeyer)03/23/2015View Details
VuthSuom03/25/2015View Details
WilliamAywak03/24/2015View Details
WogstadDawn 03/28/2015View Details