Condolences for the Family of
Todd Michael Dolan

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From: Mary Gutierrez

So sorry for your loss. May GOD's word give you comfort in this sad time. Isaiah 26:19; Rev.21:4,5.

11/21/2017 11:55:41 AM

From: Fay and Dick Yates

Todd was our baby sitter when we lived at Nicollet Village. We loved Todd, his parents, Jack and Pat, and sister Kerry. Our sympathy and love to you all. Fay and Dick Yates

11/15/2017 3:26:36 PM

From: Kristin Smith

Todd had so much support from friends and family especially during these last several years - he was very lucky to have such wonderful people around him during these challenging times. Wishing everyone close to him many blessings and prayers.

11/13/2017 8:06:00 AM

From: Margaret Goff

Long time family friend and neighbors, remember Todd and the fun we had together, Todd's parents were so good to our famly and we all enjoyed good times together on the border of Minneapolis & Richfield. Our prayers are with Kerry & the whole family.

11/12/2017 7:07:14 PM

From: Sharon Olsen

Deborah, Joel, and family. So Sorry to hear of Todd's passing. He truly fought the good fight with dignity. Such a battle he endured. May God Bless you and your family at this very sad time.

11/12/2017 4:27:07 PM

From: John Mather

Todd endured. More than endured. He managed to keep his wonderful sense of humor and his laugh even when I saw him last awhile back as he faded away. I knew Todd for nearly 50 years through many twists and turns in our lives. He had the gift of gab enough to make a career of car sales. His love of music was infectious. We shared some of the same tastes in music and managed to plunk out some tunes together on guitar. I moved to the Madison area in the 70's, so much of my time with Todd was on the occasional weekend both here and there. So I watched from afar as he struggled through personal trials. I was so affected by his persistence in getting his life together sober. He was committed to sobriety for the rest of his life. He came out the other side a new man but the same man. It seemed to bring out his spiritual and philosophical side. I was so happy for him when he met Deb and had a family to love. He loved to write and when email was finally common, we exchanged stream of consciousness letters I still value value and have saved them all. And so I will let him speak for himself. September 2005 Todd: Okay now here's the deal. I just turned 58 this month and you are (I believe, but you must verify this at once so I know for a fact) soon to turn 60.  We go back 35 years now and I just had the insight driving home the other night thinking about what I should do next about music.  My participation in it I mean.  Anyhow, the thing about aging and not aging at the VERY SAME TIME is this. Best bet on it happening is with some number of people in your life you were young with. There is no chance of being, not physically but in every other way, young with people I got to know 10 and 15 years ago. I know this now. All the realities of the past are only kept alive in our mind and feelings that also awaken every so often. And as we have traveled along the highway we have become more and more aware of where we're headed. And have made up the rules we are prepared to end our days abiding by.  Wonderful, all well and good.  So far I am still not the man I want to be.  But not because I have not been trying ...but that is everybodys story on this planet. Indeed Todd. Old friends are the best friends because there is a depth of history. Forever young. I miss you old friend. If you have read this far one comment. This website doesn't allow apostrophes so ToddS quote seems far less like him than it should. Grrrrr.

11/10/2017 12:07:12 PM

From: nick obrien

to the family. Todd was one of the most loving persons I ever met!! I was lucky to have known him!! He took me to my first support group I ever went to, BOY did I lean on him! On a fun note I once prided myself on being a pretty good pool player? When I went up against Todd, THINK AGAIN!! So many great memories!! MY ABSOLUTE LOVE to you GUYS

11/9/2017 3:14:27 PM

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