Lanae Strovers

Funeral Director

Lanae Strovers is a funeral director at Hamilton’s Funeral Home in Des Moines, Iowa. She attended the Mortuary Program at Des Moines Area Community College and graduated with honors in 2013. She enjoys meeting with families, and helping them in their time of loss, guiding them to have a memorable and honorable service. While helping families with services, Lanae enjoys making each service personalized for each person. From turning the funeral home into a baseball field, a gaming room, a classy runway show with a pianist...whatever she can do to help make that service unique and special to reflect who that person was in life!

In 2018, Lanae started a project of locating and identifying unclaimed cremated remains of Veterans, and interring those individuals at Iowa Veterans Cemetery with military honors. She also specializes in locating family of deceased.

In her spare time, Lanae enjoys spending time with her family. Her husband Sean, son Jayden, and step kids, Chase and Carley. Summers are spent camping and boating, and in the winter, they enjoy their annual trip to Cozumel.

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