Family Support Dogs

It had always been a dream of family owner Holly Peterson Miller to have support animals at Hamilton’s, and in the spring of 2018, that dream became a reality! Since then, we have seen firsthand how the presence of animals in this environment is helpful for both adults and children to ease anxiety. From research we know that stroking an animal has positive psychological effects, including increasing serotonin and dopamine levels which boosts mood, decreasing stress and lowering blood pressure levels.

Currently, we have two dogs in our Family Support Dog Program, and they each provide comfort and help to relieve stress for those who are grieving. You’ll often hear from guests what a wonderful surprise it is when Bear pops into a visitation, ready to sit and give high-fives to kids. Finland’s gentle demeanor is a welcoming, calming presence for all the guests she greets at our East Village location. Learn more about each of our dogs below!

Meet our Family Support Dogs


Finland "Finn"

Finland “Finn” is a Merle Great Dane and is known as a gentle giant. She loves playing with every dog she meets, splashing in the lake and “camouflaging” herself behind peace lily plants around the funeral home. Finn looks forward to coming to work every day and interacting with the families we serve.

You can find Finn at our corporate headquarters in the East Village where she works with her mom, Mogan Haugland, Family Services Coordinator and First Floor Manager.



Bear is a Chow Mix rescue dog. He is a certified therapy dog who loves to meet new friends at work, especially when helping with our children’s grief programs. During his off time, Bear enjoys going for walks, going camping and napping.

Bear spends most of his days showing off his tricks at Hamilton’s on Westown Parkway, where he comes to work with his mom, Buffy Peters, Director of Academy of Grief & Loss.