Memorial Service Details

Below is a list of things to consider when planning a memorial service:

Funeral Products

You will decide which funeral products are appropriate for you. Hamilton's Consumer Price Brochure explains your options for caskets, vaults and grave liners, and for cremation caskets and urns.


There are typically two sets of clothing. The first is the clothing and personal effects which were on the deceased upon arrival at the funeral home. Please let us know if you wish any of these items returned to you. The second set is the clothing we will put on the deceased at the funeral home for visitation or before cremation, if you desire. This is normal clothing of your choice, both under and outer garments.
Shoes are optional.


Jewelry may be left on the deceased or removed. There are no laws dictating your actions.

Personal Items

You may want to bring some personal items (such as pictures or other items representing interests, hobbies, favorite places, etc.) for display during visitation or the services. If desired, you may leave these with the deceased.


Music is an integral part of most services.

  • Music brochure. This document, published by our staff organist, is an organized listing of all music that is available in our music library.
  • Documentation. All the music used in the service at the funeral home will be documented for you.
  • Special requests. We welcome any special requests and will attempt to accommodate your wishes.


You should communicate directly with the person conducting your service. Don't forget that some religious denominations define the manner in which the service is conducted while others do not. If you would like, we can be of help in arranging for this person to contact you.

Fraternal Service

Some fraternal groups provide a service specific to their organization. At your request,
we will notify these groups.

Memorial Programs

Most families like to have a printed record about the deceased person and many people attending a ceremony like to carry something away. Hamilton's has several examples of memorial folders from which to choose.
We can design the memorial folder, or you may provide the information that the folder contains.