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We Are But A Moment’s Sunlight: understanding death Adler, Charles, M.D., ed. (Pocket Books, 1976)

Helps give a renewed awareness that death is a vital fact of life. The more than fifty literary selections face death with simplicity, dignity, honesty, and humor.

  • Historical
128.5 A
Day My Father Died, The Ajjan, Diana (Running Press 1994)

In this collection of essays, 25 women open their hearts and share their stories of how they have survived and even gathered strength from the loss of their fathers.

  • Death of a Father
306.874 A
How to Survive the Loss of a Parent Akner, Lois F. C.S.W. (William Morrow and Co., Inc., 1993)

Explains why the loss of a parent is different from other loses, and using examples from her own experience, the author shows how it is possible to work through the grief.

  • Death of a Parent
155.9 A
Heart Of Grief, The: death and the search for lasting love Attic, Thomas (Oxford University Press, 2000)

Gives insightful mediation on the meaning of grief, showing how it can be the path toward a lasting love of those who have died. Describes the transition from loving in presence to loving in separation.

  • Organ Donors / Religious
155.9 A
Biblical Perspectives on Death Bailey, Lloyd R., Sr. (Fortress Press, 1979)

Intended for all who sense in the reality of mortality a problem of meaning and who are interested in how some of their fellow human beings have grappled with it.

  • Religious / Historical
236.1 B
Nobody’s Child Anymore: grieving, caring, and comforting when parents die Bartocci, Barbara (Sorin Books, 2000)

Explores the four stages of losing a parent. Children often must endure the painful final stages of a parent’s life, the finality of their death, and their own grief while offering support for a surviving parent. Helps reader acknowledge and respect the differences in how different people process pain, explaining why all people do not feel the same after such a loss.

  • Death of a Parent
155.9 B
In The Presence Of Grief: helping family members resolve death, dying and bereavement issues Becvar, Dorothy (Guilford Press, 2001)

Illuminating the impact of loss and grief on our psychological and emotional lives, this book provides vital information to ease painful transitions and facilitate healing. The author emphasizes that dealing with the death of a loved one involves more than picking up the pieces and moving on; rather, healing is an ongoing journey on which grief is a constant companion.

155.9 B
Death And Dying: opposing viewpoints Bender, David L. (Greenhaven Press, 1987)

Developed to help readers become more intelligent and discriminating consumers of information in our media-centered culture.

306.9 B
Individual, Society and Death, The: an anthology of reading Berg, David W., and George G. Daugherty, ed. (George Daugherty and David Berg, 1972)

An anthology of reading on the subject of death.

  • Historical
393.082 B
Talk Before Sleep Berg, Elizabeth (Dell Publishing, 1994)

This is the story of Ruth. Of Ann. And of all of us who wonder what we’d say if we knew we didn’t have forever. The author writes about her experience losing a friend to breast cancer in a fictional way.

  • Breast Cancer
Closure: the rush to end grief and what it costs us Berns, Nancy (Temple Univsersity Press, 2011)

When it comes to the end of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, or even a national tragedy, we are often told we need “closure.” But while some people do find closure for their pain and grief, many more feel closure does not exist and believe the notion only promises false hopes. Sociologist Nancy Berns explores these ideas and their ramifications in her timely book, Closure. This book explains how to push for closure-whether we find it helpful, engaging, or enraging-is changing our society.

155.9 B
Other Side of Sadness, The Bonanno, George A. (Basic Books, 2009)

A leading expert in the field of emotions research challenges the conventional model of the 'Five Stages of Grief' offering fascinating new insights on the bereavement process and the ways in which we find positive meaning in loss.

155.9 B
Hearts In Motion Minds At Rest: living through the loss of a loved one Brite, Mary (Barbour Books, 1993)

Topics as notification of death, organ donation and funeral services are discussed candidly. Three easy-to-use checklists simplify the many tasks facing survivors and provide organization and efficiency at a time when chaos is more likely to rule. Spiritual and emotional issues relating to death are ably presented.

248.8 B
Sleeping Beauty: memorial photography in America Burns, Stanley B., M.D. (Twelvetrees Press, 1990)

These photographs were a common aspect of American culture, a part of the mourning and memorialization process.

778.9 B
Four Things That Matter Most, The: a book about living Byock, Ira, M.D. (Free Press, 2004)

Ira Byock is a leading palliative care physician and longtime public advocate for improving care through the end of life. In this book, Byock teaches us that a degree of emotional healing is always possible and that we can experience a sense of wholeness even in the wake of family strife, personal tragedy, divorce, or in the face of death.

158.2 B
Bearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss, and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief Cacciatore, Joanne (Wisdom, 2017)

Organized into fifty-two short chapters, Bearing the Unbearable is a companion for life’s most difficult times, revealing how grief can open our hearts to connection, compassion, and the very essence of our shared humanity. Dr. Joanne Cacciatore—bereavement educator, researcher, Zen priest, and leading counselor in the field—accompanies us along the heartbreaking path of love, loss, and grief. Through moving stories of her encounters with grief over decades of supporting individuals, families, and communities—as well as her own experience with loss

155.9 C
Grieving Is Loving: Compassionate Words for Bearing the Unbearable Cacciatore, JoAnne PhD (Wisdom Publications, 2020)

This book is comprised of quotations from Bearing the Unbearable, and other sources as well, plus an enormous amount of new material from Dr. Jo. Especially well-suited for the grieving mind that may struggle with concentration, just 30 seconds on any page will empower, hearten, and validate any bereaved person—helping give strength and courage to bear life’s most painful losses.

155.9 C
Last Things First, Just In Case: a practical guide to living wills and durable powers of attorney for health care Cebuhar, Jo Kline, J.D. (Murphy Publishing, 2006)

Last things first tells the medical and legal story of advance directives, why it is important to document wishes for end-of-life care and how easy it is to create this simple – yet vital – record of your values and wishes for care.

  • End of Life Planning
344.73 C
End Is Just The Beginning, The: lessons in grieving for African Americans Churn, Rev. Arlene, Ph.D. (Harlem Moon, 2003)

Every culture has unique ways of coping with the devastating loss of a loved one, but in some households these important traditions have succumbed to the modern emphasis on returning to the business of life.

155.9 C
Tracks of a Fellow Struggler: living and growing through grief Claypool, John (Insight Press, 1995)

This book is the story of Claypool's own journey through the darkness, written through four sermons. The first was delivered just eleven days after his eight year old daughter's diagnosis of leukemia, the second after her first major relapse nine months later, and the third weeks after her death. The final sermon - reflection on the process of grieving - was preached three years later.

248.8 C
Saying Hello To Your Life After Grief Clemons, Hardy (Smyth and Helwys Pub., 2004)

A book designed to help people who have experienced crushing losses survive and grow beyond the pain into the light of a new day. The author takes an in-depth look at grief, one of the most common and universal experiences of life. Clemons examines the situations that cause grief and describes the stages beyond grief. He concludes his discussion by explaining how we can help each other grieve creatively and begin to live after its wake.

248.8 C
Disgrace Coetzee, J.M. (Penguin Books, 1999)

An incident of unimaginable terror and violence forces father and daughter to confront their strained relationship and the equally complicated racial complexities of the new South Africa.

823 C
How to Survive the Loss of a Love Colgrove, Melba, Ph.D. (Prelude Press, 1991)

Gives the reader what he or she needs at each step in the process of recovering from a loss.

155.9 C
Good Age, A Comfort, Alex (Crown Publishers, Inc., 1976)

A ringing affirmation of the pleasure, accomplishment and fulfillment within the grasp of those who prefer to remain youthful despite advancing years.

  • Older Adults / Historical
612.6 C
Coming to Terms with Death Cutter, Fred (Nelson Hall, 1977)

An honest, frank confrontation of the problems and issues that we all must face in accepting illness, disability, and death as integral parts of living and being alive.

  • Before the Death / Historical
155.9 C
Please See My Need Davis, A. Jann (Satellite Books, 1981)

Poetry that expresses the needs and feelings of children, the elderly, and those who are ill, dying or mourning a death.

808.81 D
When Courage Lies in Letting Go Davis, Deborah L., Ph.D. (Centering Corporation, 2000)

This gentle, parent-friendly book affirms parents who are considering palliative care, or have already decided against continued aggressive medical intervention for their dying child. Listen to the stories of parents who have been there. Read about what "medical miracles" can really mean, and know that your decisions come from love, devotion, and the courage that lies in letting go.

  • Death of a Partner
Season of Grief, A Dawson, Ann (Ave Maria Press, Inc., 2002)

This book is a remarkable collection of quotations, personal reflections, and prayers intended for those who find themselves in their own “season of grief.” The insights and stories from Ann Dawson’s own experience after the death of her son are carefully placed alongside the comforting and often inspiring words of writers like C.S. Lewis and Kahlil Gibran.

  • Death of a Child
242.4 D
When I'm Alone: thoughts and prayers that comfort DelBene, Ron (The Upper Room, 1988)

Words of consolation, prayer and scripture for someone who's in the midst of distress and discouragement.

Travel Guide to Heaven, A DeStefano, Anthony (Doubleday, 2003)

Combining the clarity and logic of C. S. Lewis with a terrific sense of fun and adventure, DeStefano creates a brilliant, reassuring portrait of heaven, a place that has intrigued and puzzled humankind throughout history. 

  • Relgious
236.24 D
It's ok that you're not okay Devine, Megan (Sounds True, 2017)

Megan Devine offers a profound new approach to both the experience of grief and the way we try to help others who have endured tragedy. Having experienced grief from both sides―as both a therapist and as a woman who witnessed the accidental drowning of her beloved partner―Megan writes with deep insight about the unspoken truths of loss, love, and healing. She debunks the culturally prescribed goal of returning to a normal, "happy" life, replacing it with a far healthier middle path, one that invites us to build a life alongside grief rather than seeking to overcome it.

155.9 D
Coffee & Clomid: The art of leading a normal life, while undergoing infertility treatment Dillion, Melanie (Centering Corportation, 1998)

 Melanie writes from her own personal experiences with Infertility. Talks openly and honestly, and with much humor about the ups and downs of infertility treatment.

  • Infertility
Living With Grief: who we are, how we grieve Doka, Kenneth J. and Joyce D. Davidson, eds. (Hospice Foundation of America, 1998)

A look at the many variables which affect an individual's grief. Variables such as culture, spirituality, class, gender and age can offer meanings by which we view death and understand loss and grief.

155.9 D
Living With Grief: loss in later life Doka, Kenneth, ed. (Hospice Foundation of America, 2002)

A valuable tool for those facing the most difficult time in their lives. Prompts us all to lend a helping hand and a sympathetic ear to an older person who is suffering after a painful loss.

  • Older Adults
155.67 D
Stolen Life, A: A Memoir Dugard, Jaycee (Simon and Shuster, 2011)

In the summer of 1991 I was a normal kid. I did normal things. I had friends and a mother who loved me. I was just like you. Until the day my life was stolen. For eighteen years I was a prisoner. I was an object for someone to use and abuse. For eighteen years I was not allowed to speak my own name. I became a mother and was forced to be a sister. For eighteen years I survived an impossible situation. On August 26, 2009, I took my name back. My name is Jaycee Lee Dugard. I don’t think of myself as a victim. I survived. A Stolen Life is my story – in my own words, in my own way, exactly as I remember it.

  • Abduction
364.15 D
Freedom: My Book of Firsts Dugard, Jaycee (Simon and Shuster, 2016)

How do you rebuild a life? In the follow-up to her memoir: A Stolen Life, Jaycee Dugard tells the story of her first experiences after years eighteen years in captivity: the joys that accompanied her newfound freedom and the challenges of making choices for herself. Raw and inspiring, this book reminds us that there can be, as Jaycee writes, happiness after tragedy – if we only seek it out.

  • Abduction
364.15 D
Embraced By The Light Eadie, Betty Jean (Gold Leaf Press, 1992)

"The most profound near-death experience ever."

  • Near Death Experiences
133.9 E
Grief is a Maze: but we can find a way out Ebbesmeyer, Joan (Grief Illustrated Press, 2010)

The healing will begin as we journey through the maze of confusing twists and turns and some dead ends too, as we try to find our way. The ways of escape may differ, but all depend on finding one thing- JOY. This book suggests finding joy in ways of giving to others-for giving is the greatest joy of all.

242.4 E
AfterGrief, The: Finding Your Way Along the Long Arc of Loss Edelman, Hope (Ballentine Books, 2020)

Drawing on her own encounters with the ripple effects of early loss, as well as on interviews with dozens of researchers, therapists, and regular people who’ve been bereaved, New York Times bestselling author Edelman offers profound advice for reassessing loss and adjusting the stories we tell ourselves about its impact on our identities. In this book, she demonstrates that though grief is a lifelong process, it doesn’t have to be a lifelong struggle.

155.9 E
In My Mother’s Kitchen: an introduction to the healing power of reminiscence Edgar, Robin A. (Tree House Enterprises, 2002)

Contains reminiscence recipes to recapture the sights, sounds and even smells that bring back the lesson and the laughter from the past. This self-help book preserves family histories and local culture in addition to guiding the reader to establish rituals for long-term bereavement benefits.

153.1 E
Liberating Losses: when death brings relief Elison, Jennifer, Ed.D., and Chris McGonigle (Perseus Publishing, 2003)

The cultural expectation for sadness, loneliness, and despair when you feel relief, happiness, and even joy, only adds to the guilt and conflict felt by many "relieved grievers." Elison and McGonigle here share their own and others' stories, compassionate clinical analysis, and pragmatic counsel. Wise, compassionate, and groundbreaking, this book expands the traditional definition of grief, and, in so doing, generously validates the feelings that many of us feel obliged to hide.

  • Anticipatory / Before the Death
155.9 E
This Thing Called Grief: new understanding of loss Ellis, Thomas M. (Syren Book Co., 2006)

This book shows that although grief and pain may be changing you now, they have the potential to transform your life in a healing way. Ellis uses many real-life narratives of loss from his therapy practice to help illustrate various ways of grieving, and shows how you can learn from the experience of loss and make your way towards a place of healing transitions and a renewed sense of life.

155.9 E
When You Lose Someone You Love Exley, Richard (Honor Books, 1995)

Writing a series of heart-to-heart letters, best-selling author Richard Exley draws on years of pastoral ministry to give you the comfort of a true friend. Most importantly, you’ll find how the mercy and grace of God provide the promise of eternal life.

  • Religious
242.4 E
As I Lay Dying Faulkner, William (Vintage Books, 1985)

In the story, the members of the Bundren family must take the body of Addie, matriarch of the family, to the town where Addie wanted to be buried. Along the way, we listen to each of the members on the macabre pilgrimage.

605 F
Time to Grieve, A Fitzpatrick, Carol (Barbour and Company, 1995)

Noted Christian author Carol Fitzpatrick describes not only the stages of grief but shares poignant examples from her own life and from the Bible on how to deal with this devastating emotion.

  • Religious
242.4 F
Grief's Slow Wisdom Flint, Cort R. (Flint-Bridge, Inc., 1967)

Proposes some specific things you can do to develop the right attitudes toward grief.

  • Historical
242.4 F
Your Grief, Your Way Forsythia, Shelby (Zeitgeist, 2020)

Everyone experiences grief differently after the loss of a loved one. Some people find solace in comforting quotes and warm words, while others feel a need to take action--to do something to memorialize their loss. And some benefit from both approaches. Here's a path forward for you, no matter how you process your grief.

155.9 F
Angel Letters, The: lessons that dying can teach us about living Fried, Norman J. Ph.D. (Ivan R. Dee, 2007)

Fried’s letters, written after their deaths to a number of his most memorable patients, surely served as a catharsis for him, a means of venting pent-up grief. Compiled, they iterate the life affirmations of the children he came to know and admire over the years

155.9 F
Death and Dying: challenge and change Fulton, Robert et al., eds. (Addison-Wesley, 1978)

A comprehensive and balanced analysis of the issues and challenges pose by death and dying in modern society.

  • Historical
128.5 F
When a Grandchild Dies: what to do, what to say, how to cope Galinsky, Nadine (Gal in The Sky Publishing Co., 1999)

A guide for newly bereaved grandparents working through their own grief while comforting their children. Includes stories and quotes from those who have experienced such a loss.

  • Death of a Grandchild
155.9 G
Moon Crossing Bridge Gallagher, Tess (Graywolf Press, 1992)

Poems in remembrance of the author’s recently deceased beloved, whose presence and absence are recalled in somber lyrical rhythms and with an extraordinary range of expressions of love and sadness.

811.54 G
Food For The Soul Gambill, Andrea, ed. (Bereavement Publishing, Inc., 1996)

A collection of some of the most popular poetry which has previously appeared in Bereavement Magazine.

808.81 G
God’s Heart, God’s Hands: reaching out to hurting women George, Denise (New Hope, 1998)

This book guides readers to understand how to offer comfort to women who suffer through broken relationships, discouragement, loneliness, spouse abuse, childhood sexual abuse, loss and grief, suicide, and more.

  • Religious
248.842 G
For Bereaved Grandparents Gerner, Margaret H. (Centering Corporation, 1990)

Addresses the grief a grandparent feels and how the grandparent can help their grieving child.

  • Death of a Grandchild
Forget Prayers, Bring Cake Gerson, Merissa Nathan (Mandala San Rafael, 2021)

This heartrending, relatable account of one woman’s reckoning with loss is a guide to the world of self-recovery, self-love, and the skills necessary to meeting one's own needs in these times of pain– especially when that pain is suffered alone. 

155.937 G
Finding Your Way After Your Parent Dies Gilbert, Richard B. (Ave Maria Press, 1999)

Sketches out some of the issues that arise in the wake of a parent's death and offers practical suggestions for navigating these difficulties.

  • Death of a Parent
248.8 G
Quest: the life of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross Gill, Derek (Harper and Row, Publishers, 1980)

The life story of the woman whose mission is to teach us how to confront our fear of death, so that we may know better how to live.

  • Historical
Swallowed by a snake: The gift of maculine side of healing Golden, Thomas R. (GH Publishing, 2000)

A book for both men and women about the masculine side of healing from loss. Swallowed by a Snake is meant to be a map and a guide through the experience of loss. It will help you move through the pain of loss and into a place of healing and transformation.

  • Men and grief
155.9 G
When a Man Faces Grief / A Man You Know is Grieving Golden, Thomas R. (Willowgreen Puslishing, 1998)

Two books in one. One half is for men who are grieving, with 12 helpful suggestions, each a chapter by itself. The other half is for those who want to understand and help men who are grieving, also in twelve short, helpful chapters.

  • Men and Grief / Helping a Friend
155.9 G
Man You Know Is Grieving, A / When a Man Faces Grief Golden, Thomas R. (Willowgreen Puslishing, 1998)

Two books in one. One half is for men who are grieving, with 12 helpful suggestions, each a chapter by itself. The other half is for those who want to understand and help men who are grieving, also in twelve short, helpful chapters.

  • Men and Grief / Helping a Friend
155.9 G
Facing Death and the Life After Graham, Billy (Word Books, 1987)

Throughout his long evangelistic career and in his many books, Dr. Billy Graham has told millions about Christ’s offer of eternal life. Now he calls us to confront the sobering fact of death – realistically, but always with the confidence that through our relationship with Christ we can conquer this final enemy.

  • Historical / Religious
236.1 G
Not Yet Pregnant: infertile couples in contemporary America Greil, Arthur L. (Rutgers University Press, 1991)

Explores the effect of infertility on the couple’s marriage, on their relationships with their relatives and friends, and on their struggle to make sense out of their experience.

  • Infertility
306.872 G
Living When A Loved One Has Died Grollman, Earl A. (Beacon Press, 1977)

"It is my hope that this book will help you to manage wisely the emotions of your grief and will challenge you to confront creatively the death of your beloved."

  • Historical
242.4 G
Concerning Death: a practical guide for the living Grollman, Earl A., ed. (Beacon Press, 1974)

A clear and comprehensive guide to dealing with the facts and emotions of death. An indispensable guide to anyone called upon to help in the inevitable crisis it brings.

  • Historical
393 G
Inner Healing After Abortion: Love and support for women who have terminated a pregnancy Gryte, Marilyn (Centering Corporation, 1995)

For women who have terminated a pregancy. Provides ways to promote inner healing.

  • Abortion
Little Book of Comfort, A Guest, Anthony (Marshall Pickering, 1993)

From Dante and Shakespeare to Emily Bronte, Raymond Carver, and Robert Graves, these sensitively chosen literary and biblical selections eloquently reflect the many and varied emotions which grief evokes.

808.81 G
Healing Conversations: what to say when you don't know what to say Guilmartin, Nance (Jossey-Bass, 2010)

Whether it's the loss of a job, a marriage, or a life, in today's 24/7 world we're increasingly faced with uncomfortable situations where we don’t know what to say yet we're called upon to quickly respond -- online or in person. Filled with touching stories, this practical guide helps us step into someone else's shoes so that we can empathetically learn how to respond in times of need.

153.6 G
Be Still, My Soul: embracing God's purpose and provision in suffering Guthrie, Nancy (Crossway, 2010)

When life becomes difficult, we set out on a search to find answers to significant questions: Why would God allow this to happen? What good could come out of this? What will it look like to trust him? This collection explores Scripture in regard to the causes and purposes of suffering, as well as what it means to trust God in the midst of hardship and pain.

  • Death of a Child / Religious
248.8 G
Holding Onto Hope: a pathway through suffering to the heart of God Guthrie, Nancy (Tyndale, 2002)

Sharing her own story of loss and hope with the biblical story of Job, Nancy Guthrie takes her readers by the hand and guides them on a pathway through pain – straight to the heart of God.

  • Religious
248.8 G
Shelter in the Storm: helping others through grief Hardesty, Beverley C. (GriefCare Publishing, 2004)

If you have no idea how to help someone when they are grieving the death of a loved one, then this is the book for you. This book was written, based on the experiences of grieving individuals who have been there and were willing to share what were the best and worst things that someone did for them while they were in the midst of their grief.

155.9 H
Loss That Is Forever, The: the lifelong impact of the early death of a mother or father Harris, Maxine, Ph.D. (Dutton, 1995)

"A thoughtful and moving framework for understanding the impact that early loss has on every aspect of adult growth and development."

  • Death of a Parent
155.9 H
Glimpses of Heaven Harris, Trudy (Baker Publishing Group, 2008)

Tender, heartbreaking, and eye-opening, the true stories in this New York Times bestseller offer a window into the world beyond and life after death.

248.86 H
Using Grief To Grow: A primer Hartnett, Johnette (Good Mourning, South Burlington, VT. 1993)

Answers to common questions of those trying to support bereaved friends. Descriptions of the most common symptoms and stages based on the most current research on grief.

155.9 H
Different Losses Different Issues: what to expect and how to help Hartnett, Johnette (Good Mourning, South Burlington, VT. 1993)

Written to help develop a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of each loss and how it affects the grief process by looking at a number of different types of losses.

155.9 H
You Can Heal Your Heart: Finding Peace After a Breakup, Divorce, or Death Hay, Louise and Kessler, David (Hay House Publishing, 2014)

Louise and David discuss the emotions and thoughts that occur when a relationship leaves you brokenhearted, a marriage ends in divorce, or a loved one dies. They will also help you develop greater self-awareness and compassion, providing you with the courage and tools to face many other types of losses and challenges, such as saying good-bye to a beloved pet, losing your job, coming to terms with a life-threatening illness or disease, and much more.

  • All Losses
155.9 H
Roses in December: comfort for the grieving heart Heavilin, Marilyn (Harvest House, 1997)

This book shows how God provides roses--special occasions, people, and memories--to help us through sorrow. Drawing from the loss of her children (crib death, pneumonia, drunk driver collision) Heavilin will help you understand the grieving process, support family members, give insight into sibling grief, and maintain your marriage during this difficult time.

  • Death of a Child
248.8 H
Coping with Death and Grief Heegaard, Marte Eaton (Lerner Publications Company, 1990)

Discusses death as a natural occurrence, what happens when someone dies, and how to deal with feelings of loss and grief.

155.9 H
YOGA for grief and loss Helbert, Karla (Singing Dragon, 2016)

Just as grief is an experience that affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually, yoga sustains and strengthens us in all of those same areas. This book demonstrates how the principles and practices of yoga can help relieve symptoms of grief allowing those who have experienced loss to move toward wholeness, peace, and feelings of connection with loved ones who have died.

615.8 H
Death as a Fact of Life Hendin, David (Warner Paperback Library, 1973)

A realistic look at the legal, medical and emotional aspects of death.

  • Historical
155.9 H
Trauma And Recovery Herman, Judith, M.D. (Basic Books, 1997)

“Bridging the worlds of war veterans, prisoners of war, battered women and incest victims, Herman presents a compelling analysis of trauma and the process of healing.”

  • Trauma
616.85 H
Maggie Kuhn On Aging: a dialogue Hessel, Dieter, ed. (The Westminster Press, 1977)

…a new philosophy of living whole when old.

  • Historical
301.4 H
Good Words: memorializing through a eulogy Hewett, Beth L., Ph.D. (Grief Illustrated Press, 2010)

Teaches how a eulogy can help us in difficult times of grief. This book walks readers through the writing process to help them develop powerful and personal eulogies. It also helps readers learn how to deliver the eulogy effectively.

  • Funeral Rites
265 H
Healing after Loss: Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief Hickman, Martha W. (HaperCollins Publishers, 1994, 2002)

For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, here are thoughtful words to strengthen, inspire and comfort.

242.4 H
Cultivating Compassion Hoeksema, Lynne (Daisy Publishing, 2019)

Feeling ill-equipped to be a natural nurturer is a nearly universal phenomenon. Cultivating Compassion can help you break through that awkwardness and become an effective comforter.

  • Helping a Friend
Death and Eastern Thought: understanding death in Eastern religions and philosophies Holck, Frederick H., ed. (Abingdon Press, 1974)

Specialists in each field trace the history and development of the Eastern thought and tradition about death from the Vedic Period (3500 years ago) through current thought from philosophers such as Gandhi.

  • Historical
128.5 H
Funeral, The - Vestige Or Value Irion, Paul E. (The Parthenon Press, 1966)

It will help answer the question as to whether the funeral is simply a "vestige" of the past or if it still has value today.

  • Funeral Rites / Historical
393 I
Understanding Grief: it’s roots, dynamics, and treatment Jackson, Edgar N. (Abingdon Press, 1957)

Readers will find a perceptive history of man's reaction to death and practical methods of counseling which can restore the grief-stricken to a useful life.

  • Historical
157 J
Many Faces Of Grief, The Jackson, Edgar N. (Abingdon Press, 1977)

The author explores how we express grief and how it can be creatively managed. He offers ways of turning grief into a positive, creative, growth experience.

  • Historical
242.4 J
For The Living Jackson, Edgar N. (Channel Press,1963)

Discusses the rites and ceremonies surrounding death, the funeral, the work of mourning.

  • Funeral Rites and Ceremonies / Historical
393 J
When Someone Dies Jackson, Edgar N. (Fortress Press, 1971)

Jackson emphasizes the skills and insights that help us work through the grief process. He considers the different ways death affects each person, as well as some aspects of grief common to everyone.

  • Historical
242.4 J
You And Your Grief Jackson, Edgar N. (Hawthorn Books, Inc., 1962)

A book to give to the mourner; it will enable the reader to face the enormous difficulties of today and be ready for tomorrow.

  • Historical
157 J
Understanding Loneliness Jackson, Edgar N. (SCM Press Ltd., 1980)

Dr. Jackson has written in a way which will being real help, insight and improvement even to situations which have seemed hopeless.

157 J
Loss of a Parent: Adult Grief When Parents Die Jackson, Theresa (Busy Bee Media, 2014)

Theresa Jackson's father died in 2007 and she has since put together useful clinical and healing resources for others in the same position, to help them recover. With an Masters degree in clinical research, Theresa has combined the latest theories and practices on loss, with effective meditations and exercises so that you can honor and remember your lost parent, all the while processing your grief in a healthy way. Sharing hers and others’ personal journeys of coming to terms with the loss of a parent, she hopes to help more bereaved adult children on their healing journeys.

  • Death of a Parent
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Grief Recovery Handbook, The James, John W. and Frank Cherry (Harper and Row, 1988)

Using clear and poignant stories drawn from their own histories of significant loss, the authors illustrate in a very personal way what grief is and how it is possible to recover and regain a sense of aliveness and spontaneity.

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Boob Girls, The Johnson, Joy (Grief Illustrated Press, 2009)

The Burned Out Old Broads At Table 12. Grab your latest AARP advertisement for a bookmark and join Maggie Pattern (sand hills rancher), Robbie Leary (retired English professor), Hadley Joy Morris-Whitfield (wealthy and wise), Mary Rose McGill (sweet Catholic girl) and Edith Ann (rescued Schnauzer) for a laugh-out-loud fun read and a look into relationships every mature woman wants and deserves.

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Dead, The Joyce, James (Coyote Canyon Press, 2008)

"The Dead" is the final short story in the 1914 collection Dubliners by James Joyce. It is the longest story in the collection and is often considered the best of Joyce's shorter works. At 15,672 words it has also been considered a novella.

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Gramp Jury, Mark (Grossman Publishers, 1976)

Experiences over the last three years of life. Frank Tugend's involvement with arteriosclerosis.

  • Historical
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How to Say it When You Don’t Know What to Say: the right words for difficult times Kaplan, Robbie Miller (Prentice Hall Press, 2004)

Provides insight into the process of grief and offers practical advice on how to be a comfort to others. With specific discussion on a variety of difficult experiences--ranging from illness to job loss to divorce to natural disasters--it also includes resources and advice from experts, professionals, and individuals whose words of wisdom can guide you through these difficult experiences.

  • Helping a Friend
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Between Life and Death Kastenbaum PhD., Robert, ed. (Springer Publishing Company, 1979)

(The Springer series on death and suicide; v. 1) Includes bibliographical references and index.

  • Historical
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Laughing Down Lonely Canyons Kavanaugh, James J. (Harper and Row, Publishers, Inc., 1984)

…an invigorating new collection of warm, thoughtful poems from one of today's most popular poets, offering heartfelt comfort and realistic hope for those periods in our lives when we confront our own loneliness and anxiety.

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