Dominic Joseph Ogden

November 02, 2020

Service Details

Dominic Joseph “DJ” Ogden passed away November 2nd at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. From a young age he was adventurous and independent. Like most kids, he was headstrong, but he knew what was right for him. He never truly did anything halfway. When he decided to take on something, it was full steam ahead. He started playing baseball before he could read, and it quickly became his game. DJ spent his formative years on one team or another, whether it was a city league or school sponsored team. He understood the power that baseball had to connect people. Playing catch with his little brothers meant he could help them with their game, but it gave him an opportunity to be a mentor as well. When he started helping his dad coach his younger brothers and the other kids at the Iowa Games, this was just an extension of the innate desire to help others.

DJ was a giant in his time. Both literally and figuratively. He was the first of his generation in our family. DJ kept his mom on her toes with his hilarious antics, and it didn’t stop when he got siblings and cousins. They just became his “partners in crime.” He led the way in life, and DJ understood this responsibility. He always helped and took care those who came after him, his brothers and sisters or extended family who were like his sisters or brothers. And of course this kindness and protective nature extended to his friends. To know DJ was to be his friend. DJ took those friendships solemnly and would fight for them fiercely.

He had the biggest heart and followed it without hesitation. His heart was always on his sleeve, out there for others. They knew there was no judgment with him, only love. Even when he was hurt or angry with you, it was out of love. He saw injustices and, quietly in the background, DJ would help heal those injured by others. He would do what he could to see you smile or hear your laugh. Something as simple as sharing a song with you was his way of connecting with you. He had an artist’s soul. That flowed with the emotions he could see and feel around him. Music helped him understand and connect with those emotions. DJ understood the power of music; that music could heal. Music was just one of the many tools he used to help others. DJ was gifted with the ability to read a room or a person and knew just what to say to raise your spirits, just how to make you feel seen and loved. It maybe wasn’t always what you wanted to hear, but if you listened, really listened, it was exactly what you needed.

His passions in life were numerous, baseball and family and music, but in the last year his greatest joy and passion was his son with Alyx. He always wanted a son, and Cadrien was the best part of DJ’s life. DJ loved being a dad and he wasn’t afraid of the messy stuff. Cadrien would get upset and DJ just knew how to make him smile again. DJ loved seeing him smile, and would dance around hoping Cadrien would join in. They would sit and just have silly conversations. The first time Cadrien said “mama” or “dada,” DJ would light up with so much pride. It was brilliant to see him become a father and the love he had for his son.

As big and brilliant as his light shone, we can never forget that DJ was human, and as many do, had his own struggles in life. So often he would put others above himself and hide the things he wrestled with from those that loved him most. Just as he did in life, in his death he has chosen to give all he can to others. He will always live on in his son and the hearts of his family. He will forever be missed by everyone who knew him. And because of him, five families will have a new chance at life.

Dominic is preceded in death by his grandparents Jim Ogden, Linda Ogden, and Kim Kane.

Dominic is succeeded in life by his son Cadrien, his parents Milisa Tyler (Jason) and Joe Ogden, and stepmom Kat Reason; siblings Mila, Alisia, Alyssa, Iziah, Lauren, Xavier, Gage, Gwyn, and Savannah.

Services will be held on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 at Hamilton’s on Westown Parkway, 3601 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines. Visitation will be from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Funeral service will begin at 7:00 pm.