In Loving Memory of Jax

Jax “Jaxy Boy” Thesier

Born in North Carolina on November 1, 2008, he passed away in his home in Iowa on September 15, 2023 (9:51 a.m.)

Jax blessed his human family for 14 years, 10 months, and 15 days full of puppy kisses, tail wagging, long walks, traveling adventures, and a puppy smile that melted your heart.

When Jax crossed the rainbow bridge, he was greeted by his two furry purring sisters, Vanessa, and Bonita "Bo" Thesier, and his feathered, singing Cockatiel brother Eddy, who all crossed the rainbow bridge before him. I am sure Eddy was probably singing “Walk This Way” as he used to always sing before.

Jax Cross the bridge peacefully in the arms of his mama, Karen Thesier, his brothers, Brian Stevens, and Tiernon, Stevens, and his sister, Raelle Stevens. His brother, London Allen was not able to be present but sent his love and hugs to Jax. Jax also had many extended family and friends with whom he left lasting memories.

Jax came into this world with big feet, ears that hung to the floor, and a puppy smile that was contagious. He graduated from a puppy, grew into those big feet and floppy ears, and became the most handsome 72 pounds of furry, puppy-kissing, adult dog that thought he was a lap baby.

Jax loved long walks, playing catch, swimming in the lake, boat rides, car rides, and long naps in the sun. Jax treasured the first ball he ever got and never lost it. He could find that ball wherever it was even at the bottom of his toy box. Jax often played ball by himself, rolling the ball between his paws like a soccer ball or pushing it with his nose and chasing it.

Jax was smart, witty, fun, and lovable. At a young age, Jax was taught sign language for both commands and tricks. Jax loved to show off his tricks to anyone who would watch and of course, give him a treat for doing his tricks. Jax hated anyone who came to the door wearing a hat and/or sunglasses. His bark was loud and you knew he meant business. Jax’s favorite treat was hot buttered popcorn and don’t forget the butter. He loved ice cream especially if it had whip cream on it. He loved pancakes with butter of course and bacon and eggs. Steaks mysteriously disappeared when left unattended and of course, Raelle’s homemade birthday cake that was cooling became a snack when no one was looking. Doggie bags from restaurants were actually doggie bags and he knew that was for him. Jax loved his people food and was a little sneaky at times to get it. There was never a crumb to be found on the floor as long as Jax was in the room.

Jax was my best friend, my secret keeper, my furry soulmate, my protector and the best furry playmate and companion this human mama could ever ask for. Jax’s love was unconditional and he always wanted to be the center of attention. Jax graduated top in his class with a double major in spoil me rotten. His smile, puppy kisses, and wagging tail got him anything and everything he ever wanted. Jax left lasting paw prints on my heart and nose art on my windows. I love and miss you “Jaxy Boy”, run free, and don’t forget to stop by for visits once in a while. You were the best unexpected furry present that came into my life when I least expected it. You snuggled into my heart for the rest of your life. 14 years 10 months and 15 days was just not enough! You were “THE BEST!”