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Second Chance To Live: the suicide syndrome Alpert, George (DaCapo Press, 1975)

"To shed more lights on a matter of universal concern and to help us better understand why a suicide might happen, the people in this book have volunteered to share their lives."

  • Historical
616.8 A
Savage God, The: a study of suicide Alvarez, A. (Random House, 1972)

A deep compassionate insight into the realm of self-destruction from a personal, literary and existential point of view.

  • Suicide / Historical
179 A
Parenting the Suicide Survivors Club Anderson, Rebecca (SSC Publishing, 2016)

In this hopeful five-book set, a mother and her three children ages 5, 7 and 19 share their story after the suicide death of husband and father Don, in 2002. Their reflections are captured in their own words and through poignant art by artist/storyteller Laurie Phillips

vf A
I'll Write Your Name on Every Beach: A Mother's Quest for Comfort, Courage, and Clarity After Suicide Loss Auerbach, Susan (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2017)

Written by a mother who lost her 21 year old son to suicide, this book deals with the themes of suicide loss through the lens of the author's personal grief. Addressing the process of post-traumatic growth, this memoir provides the bereaved with therapy exercises and creative activities to help them come to terms with their loss.

  • Death of a Child / Suicide
Prediction Of Suicide, The Beck, Aaron T., Harvey L.P. / Resnik, Dan J. Lettieri, ed. (Charles Press Publishers, 1986)

Selected papers from a conference convened Oct. 1971 in Philadelphia by the Dept. of Psychiatry of the University of Pennsylvania and sponsored by the Center for Studies of Suicide Prevention of the National Institute of Mental Health.

  • Suicide
362.2 B
What You Should Know About Suicide Blackburn, Bill (Word Books, 1982)

Provides guidance to fight this tragic trend, informing both the concerned layman and the professional counselor.

  • Suicide
616.85 B
My Son…My Son…A Guide To Healing After Death, Loss Or Suicide Bolton, Iris (Bolton Press, 1983)

A story of both a devastating tragedy and an exquisite triumph-and the agonizing, relentless conflicted process connecting these two oppositional pulls.

  • Death of a Child / Suicide
616.8 B
Coping With Grief Buckingham, Dr. PH Robert W. (The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc., 1991)

Discusses how to deal with different types of grief, in such situations as death, suicide, romantic break-up, and pregnancy. Includes fictional examples and lists of crisis centers and agencies to provide help.

155.9 B
Survivors Of Suicide Cain, Albert C. (Charles C. Thomas, 1972)

The papers included in this book speak of and for the survivors of suicide, of their torment and need for psychological assistance.

  • Suicide
155.9 C
Someone I Love Died By Suicide: a story for child survivors and those who care for them Cammarata, Doreen (Grief Guidance, Inc., 2001)

Designed for adult caregivers to read to surviving youngsters following a suicidal death. 'Wondering if you could have done something to prevent this suicide is normal. Nothing you said or did would have changed what happened.'

  • Suicide
j155.9 C
Preventing Adolescent Suicide Capuzzi, Dave and Larry Golden (Accelerated Development, Inc., 1988)

"This book comes to grips with adolescent suicide."

  • Teen Suicide
363.2 C
Suicide Survivors’ Handbook Carlson, Trudy (Benline Press, 2000)

This practical compendium is filled with frank advice for fellow survivors. Dealing with the three major survivors' issues (the question "Why?", anger over the event, and guilt) the book gives description of typical patterns in grief process and offers helpful steps to recovery. Chapters include dealing with others, handling holidays, and effects of death and tragedy on the family unit. Of special interest is a portion of one chapter devoted to grief issues of surviving children.

  • Suicide
616.8 C
Widow Next Door, The: Learning to live again as a young widow and single mom after losing my husband to suicide Cruz, Heather (The Happy Self Publisher, 2018)

My name is Heather and this is my story. It follows me from marrying my best friend and succeeding through an infertility struggle, to becoming a widow and ultimately a single mother. This is the journal of my life after losing the love of my life to mental illness and suicide. My hope is to help others out there who may be travelling a similar path as I am.

  • Suicide
Living With Grief After Sudden Loss Doka, Dr. Kenneth, ed. (Hospice Foundation of North America, 1996)

For survivors of the sudden loss of a loved one. Includes: suicide, homicide, accident, heart attack and stroke.

155.9 D
Living with Grief: ethical dilemmas at the end of life Doka, Kenneth, et. al., ed. (Hospice Foundation of America, 2005)

Written and edited by some of the nation’s leading authorities on ethics and end-of-life care, this book explores a range of issues – including pediatric hospice, historical, religious, spiritual and cultural perspectives of the end of life, hospice in nursing homes, surrogate decision making, physician assisted suicide, organ donation and our society’s legal tenants of end-of-life-care.

  • Professional
362.1 D
Goodnight Mr. Vincent Van Gogh Doolittle, Lindsey (FH Books, 2017)

This book offers a gentle way of explaining a loved one's suicide without sweeping it under the rug. By starting an open and honest conversation with our youth, we can help break down the stigmas and start raising mental health awareness.

  • Suicide
jF D
Children, Teens, and Suicide Loss Dougy Center, The (The Dougy Center, 2019)

The Dougy Center and American Foundation For Suicide Prevention created this helpful book discussing children and teen suicide loss.

No Time to Say Goodbye: surviving the suicide of a loved one Fine, Carla (Broadway Books, 1997)

Brings suicide survival from the darkness into light, speaking frankly about the overwhelming feelings of confusion, guilt, shame, anger, and loneliness that are shared by all survivors. Fine draws on her own experience and on conversations with many other survivors--as well as on the knowledge of counselors and mental health professionals. She offers a strong helping hand and invaluable guidance to the vast numbers of family and friends who are left behind by the more than thirty thousand people who commit suicide each year, struggling to make sense of an act that seems to them senseless, and to pick up the pieces of their own shattered lives.

  • Suicide
362.28 F
Grieving Teen, The: a guide for teenagers and their friends Fitzgerald, Helen (Fireside, 2000)

The author turns her attention to the special needs of adolescents struggling with loss and gives teens the tools they need to work through their pain and grief. Although the circumstances surrounding a death are difficult to handle at any age, adolescence brings with it challenges and struggles that until now have been largely overlooked. Fitzgerald adeptly covers the entire range of situations in which teens may find themselves grieving a death, whether the cause was old age, terminal illness, school violence, or suicide. She helps teens address the gamut of strong and difficult emotions they will experience and the new situations they will face, including family changes, issues with friends, problems at school, and the courage needed to move forward with one's own life.

155.9 F
Voices of Strength: Sons and Daughters of Suicide Speak Out Fox, Judy Zionts and Mia Roldan (New Horizon Press, 2009)

Voices of Strength helps survivors make sense of life's least understandable act and shows them how to heal by focusing on comfort, memories, recovery, and hopes for a productive future.

  • Suicide
362.28 F
God’s Heart, God’s Hands: reaching out to hurting women George, Denise (New Hope, 1998)

This book guides readers to understand how to offer comfort to women who suffer through broken relationships, discouragement, loneliness, spouse abuse, childhood sexual abuse, loss and grief, suicide, and more.

  • Religious
248.842 G
Breaking the Silence: a guide to help children with complicated grief – suicide, homicide, aids, violence, and abuse Goldman, Linda (Taylor and Francis, 1996)

A guide for helping children with complicated grief issues. Includes bibliographical references and index.

  • Complicated Grief
155.9 G
Living When A Young Friend Commits Suicide Grollman, Earl (Beacon Press, 1991)

Talks about the first days after a death and what you may feel, how to cope, popular misconceptions, returning to school, how you can help suicidal people, now and in the future.

  • Teens / Suicide
362.28 G
Message of Hope, A: for surviving the tragedy of suicide. Harness-Overly, Patricia (Bradley Press, 1992)

The author uses her own experience of the suicide of her son to help others through the unique grieving process of a suicide survivor.

  • Death of a Child / Suicide
616.8 H
After Suicide Hewett, John H. (The Westminster Press, 1980)

Offers much-needed information and clinically tested advice for those struggling to cope in the aftermath of suicide.

  • Suicide
155.9 H
Real Men Do Cry Hipple, Eric (Quality of Life Publishing Co., 2008)

A quarterback’s inspiring story of tackling depression and surviving suicide loss.

  • Suicide
616.89 H
Moral Justification Of Suicide, The Jacobs, Jerry (Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, 1982)

“…a sociological view of the traditionally psychological domain of suicide."

  • Professional / Suicide
179.7 J
Preventing Teenage Suicide: the living alternative handbook Joan, Polly (Human Sciences Press, Inc., 1986)

A program model for guiding adolescents in ways to understand and cope with depression and/or suicidal feelings.

  • Teen Suicide
616.85 J
Tell Me, Papa: a family book for children's questions about death and funerals Johnson, Joy and Marv (Highly Specialized Promotions, 1978)

"Takes the great unknown of death and tells it as it is. Feelings hurt but feelings shared are feelings diminished."

  • Suicide
Perversion of virtue: Understanding Murder-Sucide Joiner, Thomas (Oxford University Press, 2014)

Joiner explores the nature of murder-suicide and offers a unique new theory to explain this nearly unexplainable act: that murder-suicides always involve the wrongheaded invocation of one of four interpersonal virtues: mercy, justice, duty, and glory. This book seeks to make sense of one of the most difficult-to-comprehend types of violence in modern society, shedding new light that will ultimately lead to better understanding and even prevention.

  • Murder-Suicide
362.28 J
After Suicide Loss: Coping with your Grief Jordan, Jack, Ph.D. and Bob Baugher, Ph.D. (Caring People Press, 2nd Ed., 2016)

This booklet was written to help the reader understand some of what he or she may experience during the months after a suicide loss. The material is arranged chronologically: common experiences after the first few days, weeks, months, followed by the first full year and beyond. 

  • Suicide
362.28 B
Between Life and Death Kastenbaum PhD., Robert, ed. (Springer Publishing Company, 1979)

(The Springer series on death and suicide; v. 1) Includes bibliographical references and index.

  • Historical
155.9 K
Teen Suicide: a book for friends, family and classmates Kolehmainen, Janet (Lerner Publications Company, 1986)

The facts about suicide, warning signs to watch for, and when and where to go for help.

  • Suicide / Helping Teens
362.2 K
Teenagers Talk About Grief Kolf, June Cerza (Baker Book House, 1990)

Using true-life examples and a personal style, this book offers solid, compassionate help to grieving teenagers. The special problems associated with suicide are also discussed.

155.9 K
Death Is A Noun: a view of the end of life Langone, John (Little, Brown and Company, 1972)

Discusses the biological meaning of death, attitudes of the dying, survivors, and society toward death, and such related topics as euthanasia, abortion, murder, suicide, and immortality.

  • Historical
128.5 L
Do They Have Bad Days In Heaven?: surviving the suicide loss of a sibling Linn-Gust, Michelle, M.S. (Chellehead Works, 2001)

The author takes the reader through the personal experience of losing her younger sister and weaves in the available research for sibling survivors. She also journeys sibling loss through the life span, explains suicide, the grief process, and how sibling death impacts the brothers and sisters left behind. She adds practical advice for how sibling suicide survivors can help themselves.

  • Suicide
362.28 L
Man Against Himself Menninger, Karl (Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc., 1966)

A compassionate yet objective analysis of man's psychological war against himself, and his need for self-respect and self-understanding.

  • Suicide / Historical
362.2 M
Suicide After Sixty: the final alternative Miller, Marv, Ph.D. (Springer Publishing Company, 1979)

An introduction to the problem and prevention of geriatric suicide focuses on the elderly's sometimes suicidal reaction to severe physical illness, and pathological personal relationships.

  • Suicide / Historical
618.9 M
Power To Prevent Suicide, The: a guide for teens helping teens Nelson, Richard E., Ph.D. (Free Spirit Publishing Inc., 2006)

Grades 6+. Spells out the warning signs, guides teens through the steps of reaching out to a friend, and explains when and how to seek help. It also suggests ways for teens to help themselves when they are feeling stressed or depressed.

  • Sudden & Traumatic Death / Suicide
362.2 N
Growing Young: A memoir of Grief Park, Bridget E. (CreateSpace Independent Publishing platform, 2013)

A book about a sister grief after her brother died by suicide. She was only 12 and found herself "Growing Young".

  • Suicide / Sibling Death
Youth Suicide Peck, Michael L., Ph.D., et al. (Springer Publishing Company, 1985)

Information intended to assist mental health professionals to increase their knowledge of advances in the field of youth suicide.

  • Suicide / Professional
362.2 P
About David Pfeffer, Susan Beth (Delacorte Press, 1980)

When her close friend since childhood murders his adoptive parents and kills himself, 17 year old Lynn is haunted by the tragedy.

  • Suicide
Suicide Survivors Club: Aidan Phillips, Laurie (SSC Publishing, 2016)

This book in a five-book set is Aidan’s story after the suicide death of his father Don, in 2002. Their reflections are captured in their own words and through poignant art by artist/storyteller Laurie Phillips.

  • Suicide
vf P
Suicide Survivors Club: Pattie Phillips, Laurie (SSC Publishing, 2016)

This book in a five-book set is Pattie’s story after the suicide death of her husband Don, in 2002. Their reflections are captured in their own words and through poignant art by artist/storyteller Laurie Phillips.

  • Suicide
vf P
Suicide Survivors Club: Becky Phillips, Laurie (SSC Publishing, 2016)

This book in a five-book set is Becky’s story after the suicide death of her father Don, in 2002. Their reflections are captured in their own words and through poignant art by artist/storyteller Laurie Phillips.

  • Suicide
vf P
Suicide Survivors Club: Will Phillips, Laurie (SSC Publishing, 2016)

This book in a five-book set is Will’s story after the suicide death of his father Don, in 2002. Their reflections are captured in their own words and through poignant art by artist/storyteller Laurie Phillips.

  • Suicide
vf P
After A Parent’s Suicide: helping children heal Requarth, Margo, M.A., M.F.T. (Healing Hearts Press, 2006)

This book focuses on how to help children and teens in the aftermath of a parent’s suicide. The book provides an overview of current thinking/research on suicide and explores the increased risk of mental health issues for child survivors. In addition to information about how children grieve at different developmental levels, it also offers comfort to the bereaved, specific coping strategies for families facing this trauma, and insight into what promotes resiliency.

  • Suicide
155.9 R
Family Therapy For Suicidal People Richman, Joseph, Ph.D. (Springer Publishing Company, 1986)

Addressed to all professional practitioners who may be involved directly or indirectly with suicidal people.

  • Suicide
616.85 R
But I Didn’t Get To Say Goodbye: for parents and professionals helping child suicide survivors Rubel, Barbara (Griefwork Center, Inc., 1999)

A refreshing and practical approach to working with children who are suffering the loss of a loved one due to suicide. Rubel takes a very difficult topic and creates a manageable path for parents and professionals to follow when helping the young suicide survivor.

  • Suicide
616.8 R
Goodbye Jeanine Sackett, Joyce (NavPress, 2005)

Goodbye Jeanine is a faith journey from the despair of a family member’s suicide back to hope and joy. This book reveals how Sackett learned to survive the mixed emotions of loss, anger, guilt, fear, and shame-and how you can too.

  • Suicide
248.8 S
Definition Of Suicide Shneidman, Edwin S. (John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1985)

… presents an original set of ten characteristics common in suicide. (which) create an intimate portrait of the suicidal person.

  • Suicide
362.2 S
Luna's Red Hat: An Illustrated Storybook to Help Children Cope with Loss and Suicide Smid, Emmi (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015)

This beautifully-illustrated storybook is designed as a tool to be read with children aged 6+ who have experienced the loss of a loved one by suicide. Suicide always causes shock, not just for the family members but for everyone around them, and children also have to deal with these feelings. The book approaches the subject sensitively and includes a guide for parents and professionals.

  • Suicide
j155.9 S
Suicide And Grief Stone, Howard W. (Fortress Press, 1972)

… promises to give those in the counseling field a fuller understanding of their work with suicide survivors.

  • Suicide / Historical
616.8 S
Grief Works: sudden death Underwood, Donna Reutzel (Morris Publishing, 2005)

This book helps guide the reader through the many emotions that come with this type of grief of homicide, suicide, accident and more.

155.9 U
Finding the Words: how to talk with children and teens about death, suicide, funerals, homicide, cremation, and other end-of-life matters. Wolfelt, Alan D., Ph.D., C.T. (Companion Press, 2013)

Simplified and suitable methods for talking to children and teenagers about sensitive topics with an emphasis on the subject of death. Honest but child-appropriate language is advocated, and various wording and levels of explanation are suggested for different ages when discussing topics such as death in general, suicide, homicide, accidental death, the death of a child, terminal illness, pet death, funerals, and cremation.

155.9 W
Suicide Survivors: a guide for those left behind Wrobleski, Adina (A. Wrobleski, 1994)

A guide for those who have lost someone to suicide. Chapters cover dealing with other people, why suicide grief is different, emotions that come with suicide grief, relationships with others, and recovery.

  • Suicide
362.28 W
Suicide, Why? Wrobleski, Adina (Afterwords, 1989)

85 questions and answers about suicide. Includes biographical references.

  • Suicide
362.28 W